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    Structured Cabling

    From an investment point of view structured cabling systems provide a great return on investment. A structured cabling system will outlive all other networking components and will require only minimal upgrades. According to International Engineering Consortium:

    • Construction costs for the cabling of the voice, data, and Building mantenance can be reduced by up to 30 percent when integrating the cabling and delivery methods.
    • Moves, changes, rearrangements, and upgrades can be performed more cost-effectively, with a potential savings of 25 to 40 percent for material and labour when using an open-office cabling approach.

    Additional Advantages


    Same cables exist everywhere in the building. Which will be certified, and correctly labelled on installation.

    Future Proofing

    Having a structured cabling system means that future applications can be supported such as multimedia and video conferencing with little or no upgrade requirements.

    Simplifies moves adds and changes

    As your company grows and your departments moves locations with structured cabling, your network resources are always ready to go.

    Easy troubleshooting

    Structured cabling systems allow identification of problems to be quick and easy. In addition the likelihood of the entire network to go down is greatly reduced.

    Support of future applications

    A Cat 5e or even Cat 6 compliant system will support future applications with little (if any) system upgrades.

    About Structured Cabling Systems

    Structured Cabling Systems are at the base of modern information network. Designed to accommodate quickly and cost effectively frequent moves adds and changes a structured cabling system can alleviate workflow disruptions and network downtime associated with enterprise restructuring.

    According to International Engineering Consortium ( providing an internationally standardized structured cabling system and consolidating cable-delivery methods for all the systems can reduce initial construction costs for the cabling infrastructure of a modern intelligent building by up to 30 percent.

    Building an IT infrastructure that is future ready is more important than ever. In today’s competitive business environment we need to respond fast to changes that occur in the market place.

    At Xpert IT we can provide your business with the following structured cabling services.

  • Upto a 30% Reduction in Construction costs

    We can provide you with the following services.

    • Consultation
    • Site Surveys
    • Complex Network / System Design
    • Intelligent Patching
    • Fibre Optics
    • Voice Migration
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Certification
    • Network Health Checks with full reports

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